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We are A Sephardic Synagogue , who have a Weekly minyanim services, Shiurim (Torah classes), Shabbat services and Holidays. We also have a kids Activities, Chazannut Program, girls Program , and Activities on Shabat. Woman club, and events. And more..

We Offers Each And Every Shabbat Beautiful Prayers, Inspiring Lectures About The Week Parasha, Delicious Kiddush, And A Home Like Atmosphere.

There Is No Charge For Lunch Or Services And Everyone Is Welcome!

our goal is to connect everyone together to make everyone feel at home.

May Hashem help us continue to grow and spread the Light of Torah in a warm environment, and in unity.

Rabbi yItzchak lasry

Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry is an inspirational speaker, educator, author, and life coach who has inspiring hundreds of people
by lecturing internationally on topics of Torah thought, Self Development, psychology, and leadership. And relationships.

He got his semicha from the Kolel Dardei Hora’a Lerabanim in Jerusalem. and From the Cheif Rabbi of the Rabbanical in Israel.

he was Sent to USA by Rabbi Mordechay Eliyahu Ztz”l to become a Rabbi of Ahavat Shalom Synagogue in Ocean City, MD from 2013 – 2016.

From 2016 – 2020 Rabbi Lasry was the Rabbi at Tiferet Rafael Synagogue in Plantation,.

Since moving to Hollywood, FL with his wife Tehila and five children he opened his own Community  Tehilat Yitzchak Center  a new Sephardic Orthodox synagogue for young and growing families and the rest of the community at large.

The Rabbi continues to devote his time and energy to establishing and running programs, classes, and activities for each member of the family, and continuing his mission to bring this young and vibrant community together.

Rabbi Lasry giving a classes on a weekly basic on Coaching On the Parasha, and about Relationship. And more. 

He has known also as a Life coach who helps young people, and couples to improve their life, and to Rebuild their Relationship. 

To see more details about his Services and Courses:

you can visit his Website: http://www.Rabbilasry.com

you can also follow his youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/Haravlasryitzchak

Rabbi Itzchak lasry

Dedicated to Our Community

Shabbat Services

Friday :
Shir Hashirim & Mincha : 6:30 PM
Follow by Kaballat Shabat & Arvit.

Shabbat Morning :
Shacharit: 8:45 AM Korbanot, 
9:00 AM Hodu
Mincha: 6.45 PM 40 min before sunset. 

Follow By Seuda Shlishit. 

Arvit: in the End of Shabbat. 

Weekly Minyanim

Shacharit 8.00 AM Korbanot שחרית
8.15 am Hodu הודו
Mincha: 7:15 PM מנחה

Kids Programs

Every Wednesday night at 6 PM

Every other Wednesday at 5.30 pm


Every year the Rabbi and his wife organize special events for all family members during the Jewish holidays, including Channukah, Purim, and Lag B’Omer.


Every morning after Shacharit.

Monday & Thursday: at 6.00 pm Gemara Class -Masechet Ta’anit

Tuesday : At 8.00 pm Weekly shiur Coaching the Parasha .

for Men & Woman

Life Circle Services

Bar Mitzvah Preparation

Wedding ceremony


Mezuzah & Tefillin Checking & Selling

for Services and Make an appointment Please Visit his Website: http://www.Rabbilasry.com

contact info


Office :
+1 (954) 947-9130

Email Adress



3342 Griffin Rd, Fort Lauderdale FL 33312

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קאוצ׳ינג על פרשת וארא איך מתמודדים עם המכות של החיים ולמה הם באים על האדם

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